Building an Audience in Three Steps

Recently I reached over 200 site visits. When I saw this I completely freaked out! This is huge for me! I was so excited, honestly I still am. I haven't posted any blogs in a while, but I still have managed to get over 200 site visits. Let me show you how to also get hundreds of site visits.


Step One:

Start marketing yourself as a writer. This is so scary, but so important! I only have 80 Instagram followers but I market myself on Instagram all the damn time! Even with a small amount of followers I manage to get a site click every couple of days just from Instagram. I market myself as a writer and that gives me more traffic. I also use LinkedIn constantly. I have almost 200 connections. This has helped me so, so much. This can help you connect with writers, readers and potential clients.

Step Two:

Choose a niche. This one is so important. It attracts traffic from people who will come back for more. My niche is writing and blogging. This attracts people looking for writing and blogging tips. Think about your interests. What kind of blogs do you read? You stick to reading that type of content. Think as a reader, not a writer. Pick a niche and stick to it.

Step Three:

Stay consistent. I have trouble with this. It helps so much. This makes your readers trust you with their entertainment needs. This helps you also get content out there. This is essential. This makes you trustworthy and reliable. Posting consistently builds traffic.


That is all the advice I have for today. Keep writing.


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