Maxwell's Mirror

Maxwell Charter's grandpa had just died. He was at his grandpa's house looking through his things in the attic. Maxwell found a mirror with an enchanting golden frame. Slowly, he walked up to the mirror, only to discover that it was pure gold. Maxwell thought to himself, If I sold this, I could make thousands. He tried carefully to remove the frame from the mirror. Maxwell tripped on an old plank of wood just laying on the floor. Instead of breaking the mirror, it was as if he had fallen into space, and in fact he had. Something was strange about 'space', he could still breath. He saw a feint glowing green light in the distance. He tried to gain momentum and float towards the light.

When Maxwell had finally arrived at the light, he tried to touch it. All of a sudden, he was in a meadow. The sky was a sickening dark brown. There were gunshots in the distance. There were planes soaring above his head, he could here bombs going of one by one.

He was a historian, and this felt exactly like the stories he had studied. Immediately he realized, he was in the Battle of France, he was in World War Two! Suddenly there was a German soldier standing directly behind him. He heard the gun cock.

"Get on your feet!" The soldier said in a thick German accent and a menacing glare. In a great panic, Maxwell ran. Suddenly he felt a burning sensation in his right shoulder. His body began to sway, the world seemed to spin around him and eventually he fell face first into the dirt.

When Maxwell finally woke up he was in a French medical bay. And he thought to himself, This has been one hell of a day.

The End

- Josh Chapbot

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