Practice Writing!

It is so important to practice writing. That is how you get better. It may seem totally crazy, but if you write you are actually writing!

Who knew?

Sorry for my sarcasm. But seriously, just write already. Quit procrastinating and just get words onto paper (or screen.) It isn't as hard as you think it is. You can actually get so much done.

Just Get your creativity out. This might just be the kick in the ass that you need right now. Don't be afraid to start something new. This will have something to do with one of my future posts that I'm planning on writing soon.

It's ok to be scared or nervous. But the only way to get any skills is to practice. There is no need to be terrified of getting experience, because guess what? You'll get better! This can be hard and scary, but so worth it.

Get your ass off of the chair, get into another chair and start writing whatever comes to mind. Get all the ideas that are stored in there out. It can be intimidating but it's actually not. Life is hard, writing is hard too.

But guess what? You were born with no skills at all and now you have dozens. Same goes for writing. You start off with nothing and work your way up to something.

There is nothing getting in the way of this but you! You are what's stopping you.

Starting something new is exhausting and scary, but pull up your grown-up pants and just start writing. Once you start it's not that bad. In fact, it's amazing!

Writing is fun, you get to write about whatever your heart desires. Check out this post to see why you should start writing.

That post gives you reasons to start writing. Now, here are three ways to practice writing.


1. Prompts

Write with prompts. Prompts may seem silly at first but they are so helpful! They can inspire you. Even if you end up writing something entirely different it still helped you. Sometimes I use a picture as a prompt. Drawings can be so helpful and inspiring. I saw this drawing of a girl next to a dying wolf. It was so sad, but I came up with a background story immediately. There is also a really good Instagram account full of amazing writing prompts:

2. Just Write What Comes to Mind

Just write whatever comes to mind. Worry about editing later. This can help you develop your writing skills fast and easy. When you stop self-editing as you work you can get so much done. After you finish you can edit. You can see where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are. This can help you develop insight.

3. Outline

Outlining can help you develop your ideas and stay on track when writing. Some people manage to stay on track while writing, but an outline can help tremendously. Outlining helps by just getting your ideas on paper. It can also help you look back on previous projects and see if there is actually a plot.


That is all that I have for now. Enjoy!


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