To The Lady on The Bus

I'm not sure if you can read this, you couldn't even speak English to talk to me, but I hope you are having a better day. When you came on the bus you were in tears. You couldn't find your pass. Nobody offered to help or even comfort you. When I tried to pay for you, you denied it. Life is really hard. You live in a harsh world with only a few good people. You are one of them. Nobody even tried to comfort you, that is not fair. If you were white you would have gotten better treatment, and that is not fair. You were in tears and nobody even noticed.

I wish I could've stayed on the bus to make sure you were okay. When you finally accepted my money for the bus, you profusely said thank you. You held my hand and hugged me. I almost started crying because that means that you probably don't get treated like that very often. You even tried to give me a twenty dollar bill in exchange for the three dollars that I gave you. It makes me sad that nobody else tried to help you.

The bus was very full, all of the other seats were taken. You were in tears and not a single person helped you. I am sad and angry at them. I am sad for them because they didn't have the ability to care enough for another human being, I am also angry that they didn't even try to have it in their hearts to help you.

We need more people in the world like you. You were kind and grateful. I am proud that you still tried to not take my money because you were humble. I am also proud that you weren't so full of pride that you didn't take it.

It is sad that the others didn't care for you. Thank you for allowing me to help you, I would feel very guilty right now if I wasn't able to help. I am still upset that those other people didn't do a thing to help you.

The fact that you were crying over me paying for your bus fare almost made me cry. It made me think about if someone would help me if I forgot my pass, and the answer is that they probably would. All because I'm white and young. Just because you were Asian made them ignore you, whether it was intentional or not.

I really hope you are okay. You didn't deserve the treatment that you got today, I hope you know that. You deserve so much better in your life. You are nothing but important. I hope that you find this and read it.

You were in tears, you cried even more when I paid for you. You deserve that from everyone. This wasn't special treatment, I'd do that for anyone. This just stuck out to me because I've seen people on the bus help white people out almost every time I take it, and you didn't get any. You deserve more, remember that.

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