Why I Started This Blog.

You might have just come across my website and wondered, "Why did she start this website?" Well, I have been planning this website for around two months. I have wanted this for a long time. I tried to start a blog when I was younger, I gave up after a week. I had no idea what I wanted to write about, or even how to write well. I want to share my little bit of knowledge with you. I also want to get more experience writing.

It is really hard to blog consistently, especially as a high-school student. Despite all of the challenges that might come to you, you still have to face them. I try my best to face my challenges. It is really hard sometimes. I have severe anxiety and this can help, but can sometimes make it worse. Hobbies help me a lot. I want this to one day be my full-time career.

Right now, life is really good to me. I need something to keep me occupied. This website is my baby, I will care for it and will raise it up from the ground up. I want this website to be successful. I am working hard at this. I plan on having guest-posts on here, because know what? It is freaking hard to get experience as a writer. So why shouldn't I help others?

I have very limited experience right now, but from research and plenty of hard work, I know my stuff. I want to help you get that first book done, or that first client. All of this is way harder than it sounds, but the work you put in will be worth it.

I started this blog for experience, for fun, and to help others.

- Grace

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