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Jan 19, 2022
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When the first mobile phones employee contact list came out of the market, many people were amazed by the advancement in its technology. Indeed, it was simply amazing for a very small piece of communication equipment to be able to send and transmit messages in voice. It was more clearly advantageous employee contact list than a two way radio that were the fad during those days in which you can only call your base stations and other radio handset users linked to your channel. Most of those people who uses two way radios were hobbyist or employees employee contact list of a company with a base to contact field employees to monitor their whereabouts. The advantage of a mobile phone employee contact list compared to these two-way radios was the longer reaching power of a cell phone, whereas a two-way radio is limited in its range of operation. At this stage, however, mobile phones although utilizing already the cell technology through channel reuse, was still considered as in its infant stage as employee contact list the carrier it utilizes is the analog technology. But first, so that you may understand better the workings of a mobile phone, let me explain about the term channel reuse. You see, radio signals employee contact list operate on a particular frequency. These radio signals, in order to be free employee contact list of interference, should operate on a different frequency. Like if a certain radio frequency is on 120 MHz, another radio frequency should be in another frequency to avoid mixing signals with the radio signal that is already operating in the 120 MHz frequency. But in the case of mobile phones, many of these employee contact list units operate in the same frequency, through the principle of channel reuse, thereby making the mobile phones used by many people. Channel reuse was made possible by providing employee contact list limited power to every mobile phone unit and providing many cell sites or towers.


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